That’s why we plan so carefully for many of life’s milestone moments. The arrival of a new baby. Where to go to school. Weddings. Career paths. Retirement. Even our own wakes or funeral celebrations.

But there’s one part of life we each experience, yet many of us fail to plan for it the way we should. It’s that period leading up to our funerals. Chapters of our lives where we may be fighting a terminal illness or life-threatening injury. A phase of time that may be years or months – or mere weeks, days or hours.

Weighing your options and making your wishes known before a crisis arises can make a huge difference – not only for your own peace of mind, but for the confidence of your family in following your decisions. The best time to plan is when you’re under no pressure. You have the luxury of time to think it through and talk it over with the people you love and trust.

So what’s your plan? Have you made one for how you want to be treated during life’s final chapter? Is it written down or recorded? Does your family, physician or attorney have a copy? If not, we invite you to use the tools on this website to start the conversation – and prepare now for a much better ending.