When you start thinking about the last phase of life and how you would prefer to experience it, you realize there’s quite a lot to consider.

Where would you like to be during that period? Who do you want to spend time with? What things would you want to be sure to do if you’re able? To what degree would you want medical efforts to keep you alive, especially if your quality of life was diminished? If you’re unable to make decisions or communicate them, who do you want making choices for you?

Not only should you think about these types of questions for yourself, you should know the preferences for those closest to you.

To help guide you through this important discussion, use these Conversation Starter cards. Gather your family and ask one question at a time. Let each family member express their thoughts and wishes.

You also can use your choice of these helpful tools to write down the desires of everyone who participates. So you’ll not only have a plan, you’ll have it in writing.